August 8, 2019

Renovation on 3rd floor of the Library beginning now! Expect noise.

The Library recycled the print journals on the 3rd floor of the Library to create a larger, enhanced Student Success Center (increasing from testing stations from 37 to 62 – all of which are reduced distraction stations) and to create new group rooms and study spaces.

Although our greatest hope was to have the metal shelving removed before the 1st of August, this couldn’t be accomplished until now and the work will begin this week.

The dismantling process has the potential to be loud.  The Physical Plant workers will do their best to be quiet, but the shelving is metal and there is bound to be noise.  This phase of the project will have several days duration and may include some evenings and weekends.

The Active Learning Center and the group rooms on 1st floor should be the quietest areas for study during this time.  We have earplugs for you at the Circulation Desk, too.

There will be noisy times in the Library during this project but we will do our best to post notices on the website, on FaceBook, and on Twitter of the times when the dismantling will be going on so you can plan your study trips to the Library.

Thanks for your patience while we are renovating.  We truly think you will really like the results.