Construction Affects ALC After Hours Entrance

UPDATE: EDII southeastern door has been reopened. For further updates check campus operations:


Beginning Tue. 11/19/13 the northeast doors between the Library and COPH will be closed for a significant amount of time. Students or residents needing to enter the Library’s Active Learning Center (ALC) after hours may use the following alternate entrances using card swipe:

1>     From the west, coming in from the I Dodd Wilson building bridge to COPH.

2>     On the east side of the COPH building, using the skywalk from Level A of the Parking 2 facility.

3>     Underground, from the Ground floor of the Central building, there are connecting corridors. Use the stairs to enter the back door of the ALC.

If you are a student or resident and your badge does not allow you entry through the appropriate doors, please contact the 24/7 Campus Operations Call Center at 526-0000.

For information about these and further scheduled outages on the UAMS campus, check the Utility Status and Outages web site:

Construction Effects ALC After Hours Entrance

Construction Effects ALC After Hours Entrance