New Library Catalog Goes Live on June 23rd

On June 23rd, UAMS Library will implement a new online library catalog called Koha. Beyond searching our library catalog with Koha, patrons will enjoy improved functionality and extended book check-out periods.

What is Koha?
Koha is the Library’s new open source integrated library system (ILS / library catalog). Koha (the Maori word for reciprocal gift giving) was developed initially in New Zealand and is currently maintained by Koha developers and participating libraries from around the world. The UAMS Library philosophically supports open-source initiatives and looks forward to its new partnership with the Koha community.

What does using Koha mean for our patrons?
Patrons will see a new catalog interface online at that looks quite different from the current one, while maintaining the basic functionality of an online library catalog.

There will be improvements to our patron notification schedule that result in more timely reminders. Book check-out time will increase to three weeks with one renewal for a total of six weeks.

Will there be interruptions to catalog functions as Koha is being implemented?
Having to learn to navigate a new system is a challenge in general. During the period of June 20-22, while the transition from our current ILS to the new system is underway, patrons may not renew books online. Patrons should call the Circulation Desk at (501) 686-5980 to have this done manually.

If there are shortcuts or bookmarks that patrons use to access specific parts of the catalog, they will need to be reset because those links are mapped to the old system.

Where can patrons go for more help and support?

For renewal of items
Circulation Desk
(501) 686-5980

For searching and navigating the catalog
(501) 686-6734

For accessing online resources
Rena Sheffer
(501) 686-6747


Joanna Delavan
(501) 686-5464


koha screen capture png

A preview of the new Library catalog search screen.


New UAMS Library Catalog Starting June 23, 2014