5 Tips for NIH Public Access Policy Compliance

Congratulations to UAMS researchers who have had grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)! UAMS Librarians and staff continue to support you through every phase of your research. One of the ways we can do this is by helping you navigate the NIH Public Access Policy. Reference Librarians Jessie Casella and Susan Steelman work regularly with UAMS researchers to ensure continuous NIH Public Access Policy Compliance so that there are no delays in funding. Here are Jessie’s tips and best practices for staying compliant…


  • Unless an article has started the NIH Manuscript Submission process prior to publication, it will be non-compliant immediately upon publication.
  • Articles submitted to the NIH Manuscript Submission System prior to publication have a 90 day grace period.
  • The HTML tagging process is taking NIH between 6-8 weeks. Your article will not be compliant until the tagging process is complete.

Here are five tips for best practices in compliance:


1. Know the journal’s copyright policy regarding NIH Public Access Policy BEFORE submitting an article for publication.

Some journals do not comply with the policy and some require a $3000 fee for compliance.


2. Know the authors citing your grants

Know who is citing your grant numbers in papers and make sure that those authors complete the NIH Manuscript Submission Process.


3. Keep your My Bibliography current

Make sure all of your publications as well as those citing your grants are in your My NCBI My Bibliography. Set your My Bibliography to “Award View.” This will help you track which articles need to be compliant.


4. Make sure the manuscript is uploaded to the NIH Manuscript Submission System ASAP

If the journal allows you to send the final peer-reviewed manuscript to NIH Manuscript Submission System, do so immediately upon acceptance. If the journal’s copyright agreement requires the journal to upload the manuscript, make sure that the journal does this as soon as possible.


5. Watch for emails from NIHMS and the Library about NIH Public Access Policy compliance.

Authors will receive at least two emails from NIH during the submission process.

If you are not currently receiving a monthly non-compliance report for your department or as an individual, the librarians are glad to set that up. Librarians can also come to your departments and give a presentation on NIH Public Access Policy compliance.
Check out the UAMS Library’s webpage for NIH Public Access Policy compliance for information about the policy, compliance and copyright questions:


Questions? Please let your librarians know how we can help.

Jessie Casella, 501-686-8517

Susan Steelman, 501-686-6737,