UAMS Library Course Reserves Form

Please complete the form below after reading restrictions. Please bring items for reserve to the Library Circulation Department as soon as possible once form is submitted. If you have comments or questions about the Course Reserves Service, please contact Libby Ingram, Head Access Services at 501.686.6741 or email .

**By submitting this form I recognize that items placed on Reserve may be protected by copyright and may require permission from the copyright owner. I affirm that any materials that I have placed on Reserves meets the laws of the United States which governs educational use (Fair Use Guidelines, Digital Millennium Act, TEACH Act) or that permission has been obtained for reproduction.


The UAMS Library will put on Classroom Reserve the following types of items with the following restrictions:
• Books are placed on reserve for one semester (or school year, if the semester plan is not followed).
• At the end of the above period of time, the item is removed from the reserve shelves. It is returned to the stacks if it belongs to the Library or returned to the owner if it is a personal copy.
• The Library must have a list of items to be put on reserve one week before they are to be needed by the class. If items are checked out, we will retrieve them as soon as possible.
• The UAMS Library Circulation Department will be glad to pull the items from the Library collection and place them on reserve. (Some items are not eligible for reserve use such as CORE and Reference items.)
• Any items on reserve may be used in the Library for two hours while the Library is open.  If extended checkout periods are necessary, please contact Libby Ingram, Head Access Services.