Protocols for Testing

These protocols will be followed for all testing in the Learning Resource Center.

  • The LRC staff will check for valid identification
    – UAMS Students/Staff must provide current ID badge or be listed an active student in the ID database
    – Non-UAMS students must provide a current photo ID such as driver’s licenses or military ID
  • When applicable, students will sign in for exams under their designated tab in the Sign-In book
  • The LRC staff will check the secure spreadsheet or testing calendar for the proctor password
    ONLY materials listed by the instructor will be allowed during the exam
    – Students must sign their name and instructor’s name on any scratch paper before going to exam area and returned to LRC staff   immediately after the exam
  • LRC staff will escort students to the appropriate testing area which are equipped with cameras at each station for monitoring
    – 5th floor Testing room, 5th floor Instructional room, 3rd floor NW testing area and 3rd floor special testing rooms
    – In the event all areas are full, students will be asked to wait in the 5th floor main area until one is  available
  • The student will be instructed to turn off all mobile devices and secure them with other belongings at the front of the room
    – The only materials the student should have when they sit down for the exam are the ones indicated by the instructor
  • The student will be instructed to login to the testing application
  • The LRC staff will then enter the proctor password in a manner so that the student cannot see it
  • The LRC staff will close the door and ensure the signage indicates that testing is taking place so that others will be quiet
  • In the event students have to go to the restroom, they are required to alert the staff of when they leave and when they return
  • At the end of the exam, students are required to bring all scratch paper or handouts back to the LRC staff

Questions concerning these procedures should be directed to:

Heather Smith, Head Library Academic Support & Systems