Video Conference & Recording Studio

Video Conferencing (IVN)

Collaboration through video conferencing and telepresence is essential in today’s academic environment, and the UAMS Library understands the value of instant face-to-face communication. Take advantage of the video conferencing facility on the 3rd floor of the UAMS Library and expand your reach, overcoming the barriers of time and distance to create an integrated working environment across multiple locations.

To schedule a video conference/IVN conference, please call Fred Bassett at 501-686-5428.

Recording Studio

The UAMS Library’s Video Conferencing and Recording Studio provides a state-of-the-art dedicated recording studio finally enabling faculty, staff & students to produce quality audio and video to meet a variety of standard and unique needs.  This new studio provides an acoustically neutral and adjustable environment free of machine and air handler noise, and meets the highest standards of sound recording technology.

Features and Benefits

  • Delivers in-house capability to mix and match A/V sources to produce and edit videos – live or recorded
  • Allows you to produce multiple live Webcasts from a single production
  • Reduces the need for budget for external production contracts
  • Self-contained unit with multiple audio / video input feeds allow you to bring production capabilities in house
  • Easy capture and streaming of video and audio sources with the mixing pallet functions
  • Captures presenters PC as well as other video and audio feeds
  • Produces independent output streams and recordings; provides flexibility in formats and creativity

Come let our experienced staff show you what is possible in this new facility on the 3rd floor of the UAMS Library.  Please contact Tim Muren at 501-686-8536 or Fred Bassett at 501-686-5428 to schedule an appointment.