Printing and Print Cards

The Library has one photocopier and seven networked printers for public use. Copies and prints are $0.10 per page for black and white copies and $0.20 per page for color copies.

The photocopiers operate with print cards as well as with coins and dollar bills. The printers operate with print cards. Print cards are sold at the Circulation Desk in preset denominations and may be recharged. The Library accepts cash, checks, credit/debit cards and inter-departmental transfers.

Print cards are sold in preset amounts and may be recharged in any increment of $0.10.

$1.00 = 10 copies

$2.00 = 20 copies

$3.00 = 30 copies

$4.00 = 40 copies

$5.00 = 50 copies

$10.00 = 100 copies

A print-card dispensing and recharging machine, located in the 24-hour-access area on first floor, sells $5.00 print cards as well as recharges cards for dollar amounts.

For any other questions or help with printer cards, copiers or printers, please see the staff at the Circulation Desk during Library hours.