Scheduling the Active Learning Center

The Active Learning Center room is designed to support large classes in team-based learning or other small group activities.  The room has the capacity to seat 192 students at 32 tables of six.  The room features a central podium with a variety of input devices, handheld microphones for group discussion, and eight large monitors around the room.


Scheduling priorities for the ALC will be based on the curriculum needs of each college, especially related to team based learning and interprofessional education activities.  The room will be scheduled based on total group size and the need for small group interaction and the technology to support it.  The ALC and contiguous space are part of the Library and also serve as major student study spaces when not in use for classes.  Therefore, if other rooms are available that meet the needs of a group, the other rooms will be scheduled first.


The ALC may be reserved through the Office of Academic Services via The weekly schedule for the ALC is posted here.