Mission and Values

As a major biomedical information resource and partner in the mission of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, the UAMS Library promotes the advancement of research, education and patient care for UAMS and the state of Arkansas. To this end, the Library supports the creation of new knowledge, the education of health professionals, life long learning, timely access to information, and informed health care decisions.

Statement of Values: Elements of our Vision for UAMS Library

I. The UAMS Library is committed to meeting the information needs of our users with a strong service orientation that is characterized by responsiveness, professionalism, and effectiveness.

II. The UAMS Library as a workplace recognizes the importance of the human values of respect, individualism, and consideration in all dealings with each other and with users.

III. The UAMS Library provides an attractive and secure environment that is conducive to study, work, research, and learning.

IV. The UAMS Library is a partner with other UAMS units for the institutional mission with a strong commitment to collaboration, cooperation, and coherent planning. The Library seeks out and responds to the information needs of the units in this partnership.

V. The UAMS Library, in its role as the sole Resource Library in Arkansas of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, identifies and responds to the changing information needs of its local and remote users through professional consultation, outreach programs, and the innovative use of computer networks and evolving information technologies.

VI. The UAMS Library is committed to the enhancement of staff expertise through the provision of opportunities to learn new skills and keep pace with emerging information technologies.

VII. The UAMS Library is committed to the promotion of intellectual freedom, the scholarly pursuit of knowledge, and the preservation of unique resources.

VIII. The UAMS Library promotes universal access to information and serves as a gateway to worldwide biomedical information for the UAMS community, Arkansas health care professionals, and the people of Arkansas.

Approved July 1995