General Library Policies

Food or Drink in the Library

Food is allowed in all areas of the Library except at the computer workstations; however, the Recovery Room Lounge is specifically designated as the appropriate place for eating meals or hearty snacks.

Library users must meet food delivery people outside the Library; Library staff will not use the Library PA system for notification of food deliveries or allow delivery people inside the Library.

Library users must dispose of their trash in the large wastebaskets provided, and they must keep the Library environment clean, sanitary, and pleasant by using the paper towels and hand wipes provided.

Personal Property

“Lost and Found” items are held at the Library’s Circulation Desk. Do NOT leave personal belongings unattended. The UAMS Library has no facilities for secure storage of personal property of library users, and will not under any circumstances take responsibility for such property.

Library Use and Conduct

All persons using the UAMS Library are to remember that noise carries to other floors, due to the design of the Library. Creating excessive noise, or using audible radios, walkmans or talking loudly on cell phones is discouraged, and may be confronted.

While the UAMS Library is open to all users needing the information contained in the Library’s collection, circulation of items as well as access to certain audiovisual and computer based resources are limited to those connected with UAMS.

The UAMS Library will notify the UAMS Police concerning any criminal behavior in the Library areas. Activities which will draw particular attention include, but are not limited to: theft, vandalism, exhibitionism, and/or assault, including verbal threat, and inappropriate materials found on a workstation site.

The UAMS Library must be evacuated during an emergency situation. This includes, but is not limited to: drills, fire alarms, tornado watches or warnings (when the external sirens are active), power outages, or when patrons are asked to evacuate by library staff.

Cell Phone Use

The UAMS Library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study as well as welcoming to all users. These guidelines were developed in response to concerns from students, faculty, and visitors about the increased noise in the Library due to cell phone use.

When you enter the Library please turn your cell phone ringer and/or your pager off or set to a non-audible signal (vibration, flashing light, etc.). Be considerate of those studying around you, and keep your conversation short and your voice lowered when using cell phones. If you need to have an extended conversation (more than 1-2 minutes), go outside the library or move to an unoccupied study room (2-3 Floors) or the snack room (1st Floor). If you leave the library to take a call, please be sure to take your valuable belongings with you.

Please refrain from all conversations in the 1st Floor “Silent Room”.

If you wish to report an inappropriate cell phone use, contact a library staff member at the Circulation Desk or the Reference Office. We thank you for your cooperation in making the UAMS Library a better place to study and conduct research.


Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by a parent at all times. A photo ID is required to verify date-of-birth. The UAMS Library does not maintain collections or provide services intended for children. All public-access computers in the UAMS Library have full access to the Internet; there are no content filters to prevent children from accessing inappropriate material.

Abuse of other library materials, or the Library building

Abuse of library materials is prohibited, including but not limited to:

  • marking, highlighting or underlining text and writing upon or folding pages
  • removing pages, portions of pages, or bindings
  • concealing library materials for the exclusive use of an individual or group
  • stealing library property or the personal property of users or staff
  • vandalizing or defacing the library building, furniture or equipment

Gifts & Donations

The UAMS Library will accept donated books with the understanding that those not needed in the Library’s collection will be recycled. Donors are asked to bring gifts to the Library. Please call ahead for large drop-offs.

The Library can provide a letter acknowledging your gift for tax purposes. If an itemized list is included with the donation, the individual titles can be included in the letter. Otherwise, only the number of volumes will be noted. Library staff cannot appraise donations so if you intend to claim a tax deduction for charitable giving, you should consult with a tax advisor regarding any applicable rules or conditions.

We welcome sponsorship of journal subscriptions that support the collection, but due to space limitations, the Library is no longer accepting donations of print journals.

Thank you for considering the donation of material to the UAMS Library. For further information, please contact Daphne Hyatt, Head of Collection Management, at 501-686-6749 or