Library Annual Report


 The mission of the UAMS Library is to provide services, information resources, and facilities that support the education, research and clinical care missions of UAMS. During the 2013/14 academic year, the Library experienced many changes as it adjusted to the evolving needs of the institution and the changing demographics of primary constituents. The Library continued a multi-year space redesign that focuses on increasing and enhancing student study and service areas. Plans are also being developed to further reorganize the staff and staff spaces for better efficiency and effectiveness in providing services.


 Education & Reference Services – Staff performed 292 database searches and trained a backup expert searcher; increased promotion of the database searching services with a request form on the website, announcements in orientations and meetings, etc.; continued to provide special support for campus committees and projects, such as the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), ANGELS project, the EPIC SIM Research Team, the RCI Survivorship Core Committee, and the COM/GME Clinical Skills Team; continued to teach regularly scheduled classes and added several new drop-in classes on various topics; continued to provide support to researchers for compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy, helping increase the UAMS compliance rate from 87 to 94%; and successfully completed another outreach subcontract with the National Library of Medicine by providing exhibits, presentations and classes for unaffiliated health professionals and the public.

 Document Access Services – The renovation of the front entrance to the Library was completed with the installation of a new circulation desk and canopy, new people counters were installed, one photocopier was removed (leaving one for public use), and furniture was rearranged for more effective use. Staff obtained 3,296 items which were not in the UAMS Library collection from other libraries; implemented a successful dropoff/pickup service for items in the public library (1,040 items were delivered from January-June); worked closely with Collection Management and Systems staff to select and implement a new integrated library system to replace the outdated III system, the change of which provided a better online catalog, as well as circulation and acquisitions modules, while saving the Library a significant amount ($28,000) of maintenance funding; and revised circulation and fine policies to streamline procedures.

Collection Management – Staff worked with the DAS department to select and implement a new integrated library system; provided Constitution Day and Citizenship Day educational activities for the campus; activated the mobile application for UpToDate, and worked with UAMS IT staff to enable the integration of UpToDate into the electronic health record system; created a health literacy toolkit website as a resource for physicians to learn about health literacy and access patient handouts; converted all quizzes and surveys residing on Perception to other formats, including Blackboard; hosted two National Library of Medicine traveling exhibits and created five exhibits; hosted a successful book signing event for Fiat Flux which was attend by nearly 100 guests, some of whom were from out of state; and coordinated activities for the Society for the History of Medicine and the Health Professions, including a fall dinner meeting with speaker Elliott Bowen and a spring lecture by Dr. Sam Taggert.

Academic Support and Systems – Staff continued to coordinate and provide “window of time” and special testing for students from various colleges and departments, including the ATI TEAS V preadmission test for potential College of Nursing students and EPIC competency/certification exams; developed and implemented a plan to add twelve new special testing/individual study rooms on the 3rd floor; helped select and implement the new integrated library system; trained staff to save important emails before implementation of the new campus email archiving policy; moved all print kiosks to the Windows 7 operating system; replaced outdated student computers and other equipment as scheduled in the Academic Affairs Instructional Equipment Plan; helped select and install new people counters; implemented a new IT support service for students; helped plan and implement the very successful Teaching with Technology Symposium; continued to provide videoconferencing capability and added new lights to the videoconferencing room; planned and implemented a new service enabling faculty to record presentations and students to practice their presentation skills in the new lecture capture studio; worked with an outside expert to design and implement a major redesign of the Library’s website; added 12 rolling white boards which have been very popular; launched UAMS on iTunes U to enable saving and viewing of lectures; and worked with various departments to record and edit videos for marketing purposes.

Administration – Staff coordinated ongoing renovations of the Library; answered over 125 copyright questions and numerous questions about scholarly communication/publishing issues; provided clerical support for the IPE Executive Committee; worked with the Student Services Task Force to assess student needs and develop a plan for an Academic Affairs Student Success Center to help meet those needs; allocated resources and monitored expenditures; and reviewed use of printers, scanners and fax machines, eliminating four printers and a fax machine.  The Administration ensured that librarians and staff were members of appropriate UAMS administrative, education, research and clinical committees, where they were active participants and often held leadership positions.


 A team of library staff coordinated a service to provide pet therapy dogs in the Library for students during exam times to help relieve stress. Two library staff members served on the UAMS Arts Council and coordinated the scheduling and mounting of eight art exhibits in the Library and in the decorative arts gallery in the Main building. A staff member designed, produced and edited a new Academic Affairs newsletter.


 Structural/organizational changes – After an in-depth review of every position in the Library, the following changes were made to increase efficiency and effectiveness: changed the Archivist/Learning Resource Center night staff to a full time faculty Archivist position; increased the Education Librarian’s time spent in Northwest Arkansas from ½ to ¾ time; moved a staff position from Collection Management to Reference; moved a staff position from the Learning Resource Center to Collection Management; identified one staff position to be eliminated during the following year; allocated 20% of the serials assistant position to covering the circulation desk; reallocated numerous other staff and faculty duties; and established a new Student Technology Support position to assist students with laptop and mobile device use.

Personnel – The Collection Management department hosted an intern in the Project SEARCH program for 10 weeks. Three employees were on extended medical leave, with absences varying from 13 weeks to six months. A marketing librarian was hired to fill an existing vacant position, and the Student Technology Support position was filled. The Outreach Librarian resigned in June.

Budget Overview – The cost of journals and databases continued to rise about 8% annually. Fortunately, the Library received a budget increase to cover the increased cost of current journal and database subscriptions. However, the Library had to cut $166,504 in expenses during the year because of the campus 3% cut mandate. Expenses eliminated included $36,000 in the journal/database budget, one vacant staff position, and travel, and other cuts will be identified throughout the coming year.


  • Investigate and implement new services or changes to improve the student experience in the Library, including supporting the establishment of the Student Success Center
  • Complete initial implementation of Koha integrated library system and change workflows accordingly
  • Investigate Electronic Resource Management systems
  • Review Library space allocation and make adjustments as needed, including more space for the HRC.
  • Reinvigorate the Society for the History of Medicine and the Health Professions
  • Help raise the UAMS compliance rate for the NIH Public Access Policy to 95%
  • Revise the Library website
  • Evaluate funding for information resources and make adjustments in expenditures as needed
  • Increase marketing of library resources and services
  • Increase staff development activities
  • Recruit new Associate Provost for Student Services & Library Director, Outreach Librarian, Head of theHistorical Research Center, and Education & Reference Librarian
  • Purchase additional artwork, label artwork, and update art inventory records
  • Deep clean entire library
  • Renovate the Student Success Center space, and add glass panels for 3rd floor north and for2nd and 3rd floor east and west
  • Actively promote various CALS (public library) services to UAMS employees and students
  • Make arrangements for the 2015 South Central Chapter/Medical Library Association meeting
STATISTICAL OVERVIEW        2013/2014      2012/2013
Gate Count Total 119,512        134,782
24/7 Usage 11,895          10,971
Website Visits    
UAMS Library page views          483,428        619,097
UAMS Library visitor sessions          244,066        284,538
    Mediated Searches/Avg Turnaround Time 292/1.7 days 219/1.95 days
    Reference Consultations 156 108
Copyright Consultations 127 143
HRC Consultations/Bibliographies 267 387
Formal Instruction    
Tours, orientations, presentations, and classes/attendees 100/2339 36/1,148
Workshops/Seminars (includes eTech@Noons)/attendees 0/0 13/432
Teaching with Technology Symposium 1/220 1/~150
Learning and Teaching Resource Centers    
Tests Administered/Students Tested 900/11,319 801/9,665
Testing/Instructional Room Reservations 510/265 139/210
3rd Floor NW/Special Testing Reservations 36/58 59/54
Teaching Resource Center Usage 779 849
Access Grid/IOCOM Facility Use (groups/people) 143/662 122/761
Access Grid/IOCOM Use (groups/people) 27/231 30/229
eReserves courses/page views 5/7,268 23/5,893
Print Book Titles 27,889          27,887
Electronic Book Titles              1,405            1,042
Current Journal Subscriptions              4,357            4,299
Bound Journal Volumes 78,279          78,571
Item Usage    
Books checked out 1,778            2,246
AV & Computer software 23                22
Books and Journals Used In-House 2,093            2,450
Books and Journals Used Electronically          530,000        663,557
Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery    
Items Borrowed From Other Libraries 3,296            3,179
Items Loaned to Other Libraries 3,645            3,826
Document Delivery Items 1,245              432
Outreach Fairs & Exhibits/attendees 30/264 15/1,311
HRC/Arts at UAMS Exhibits 5/7 6/4