Library Advisory Committee

The purposes of the UAMS Library Advisory Committee are as follows:

  • Advise the Library Director about Library services;
  • Serve as a liaison between the Library and its users;
  • Act as an advocate for the Library.

Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Advisory Committee Members 2012/2013

Steve Boone
Office of Educational Development, #595, Shorey 8/13-B, 686-7348

Zoran Bursac
COPH, #781, COPH 3222, 526-6723

Karen Davis
CON (Dean’s Office), #529, Ed II 5/110B, 526-6497

Mark Estes
COP (Pharmacy Practice), #522, Ed II 6/137, 686-5540

James Graham
COM, #603, Campus general, 686-7407

Neena Grissom
CON, #529, ED II 5/110C, 686-8018

Bill Gurley
COP (Pharmaceutical Sciences), #522, Ed. Bldg., 6/110C, 686-6279

Daphne Hyatt
Library, #586, Ed. Bldg., 2/110, 686-6749

Jonathan McDougal
COM (Student)

Bobby McGehee
Graduate School, #601, Biomed I 159-2, 603-1998

Josh Phelps
CHP (Dietetics & Nutrition), #627, 686-6166

Jaqualane Scales
CHP (Student)

Olivia Rickard
COP (Student)

Kevin Ryan
COPH, #797, 526-2245

Maria Almeida Schuller
COM (Endocrinology), #587, 686-6314

Mona Waylan
CON (Student)

Ella Whitney
CHP (Diagnostic Medical Sonography), #563B, 686-5285