Tips & Troubleshooting

> What version of Write-N-Cite should I use? 

WNC 4Use WNC 4 if you are new to RefWorks or you are starting a new document and bibliography.  WNC 4 is the newest version.

WNC IIIIf you have documents and bibliographies you created using WNC III, continue with that for those materials.

> If Microsoft Word will not allow you to log on with your RefWorks username and password, try opening your RefWorks account, click the Tool tab, select WNC and copy the code. Within Microsoft Word, login to RefWorks by pasting in the Login Code.



> If you have problems when formatting your paper with Write-N-Cite III, try reverting your document to version 2 of W-N-C, and then reconvert it up to version 3 again.  To do this:

Using W-N-C III, look under Tools

Choose the option to “revert to WNC v.2 document”

When the document processes, save it

Then, reconvert it back to v.3 with Tools>Convert to WNC III Document


If you have recently installed EndNote, un-install WNC and re-install WNC.



> Group work-  It is critical to use proper methods here Otherwise,formatting of text references and bibliographies is likely to fail.  See important information.


> Browsers:

If you are using Internet Explorer v. 9, there may be some functions that are not fully compatible with all of the RefWorks 2.0 features.  RefWorks recommends setting your IE9 to be downwardly compatible.  This seems to work for issues they have had regarding manual input of new records and issues with RefGrab-It not working.  To do this:

> Through the Address Bar-

NOTE: If Internet Explorer recognizes a webpage that is not compatible, you will see the Compatibility View icon button on the Address bar.

1. To Turn On Compatibility View for the Webpage

Click on the unhighlighted Compatibility View icon button. (See screenshot below)
NOTE: The webpage will now reload with Compatibility View turned on for it.

IE 9 compatibility

2. To Turn Off Compatibility View for the Webpage

     Click on the highlighted Compatibility View icon button.


Note: The Compatibility toggle can also be found under the Tools button on the IE9 command bar.


> Other Help:

 RefWorks has a user support community at where you will find tips and tricks, videos, workbooks, and more materials to help you make the most out of your RefWorks account.


The UAMS Library’s Help & Guides site for RefWorks is at