Brief Guide to the Classification of Books in the UAMS Library



Anatomy, Human QS1-132
Anesthesia WO200-460
Biochemistry QU
Bioethics QH438.7
Blood WH
Cardiovascular System WG
Clinical Nutrition QU145
Collagen Diseases WD375
Communicable Diseases WC
Cytotechnology QH573-671, QY95
Dental Hygiene WU90, WU113
Dentistry WU
Dermatology WR
Dietary Services WX168
Dietetics WB400-449
Embryology QS604-681
Emergency Health Services WX215
Endocrine System WK
Environmental Health WA
Family Practice WB110
Forensic Medicine & Dentistry W601-925
Gastrointestinal System WI
Genetics QZ50
Geriatrics WT
Gynecology WP
Health Physics WN110
Hearing Disorders WV270-280
Histology QS504-539
History of Medicine WZ
Hospitals WX
Hypersensitivity WD300-375
Immunologic System WD300-375
Immunology QW501-949
Internal Medicine WB115
Lymphatic System WH700
Medical Ethics W50
Medical Exam Review Texts W18.2
Medical Profession W1-925
Medicine, Practice of WB
Mental Disorders WM
Metabolic Diseases WD200-226
Microbiology QW1-300
Nervous System WL
Nuclear Medicine WN440-450
Nursing WY
Nutrition Disorders WD100-175
Obstetrics WQ
Oncology QZ
Operating Room Technicians WY162
Ophthalmology WW
Orthopaedics WE
Otorhinolaryngology WV
Parasitology QX
Pathology QZ
Pathology, Clinical QY
Pediatrics WS
Pharmacology QV
Physical Therapy WB460-545
• Physiology QT
Preventative Medicine WA108-245
Psychiatry WM
Public Health WA
• Radiology WN
Respiratory System WF
Respiratory Therapy WB342 & WF145
Speech Disorders WM475,WV500 & WL340.2-340.5
Surgery WO
Therapeutics WB300-962
Toxicology QV600-667
Urogenital System WJ


• For region, system, or organ, see the specific region, system or organ. Consult the online catalog for specific topics.