Looking for a Journal, Book, or other resource?

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Looking for journal articles?
Select eResources from the Online Resources drop-down menu. The list of available databases is arranged alphabetically.

Select the eJournals link from the Online Resources drop-down menu. You will be able to search by the exact first few words of the title, title contains all words (use the keywords you know) or other options from the drop-down menu. You can also search by subject.

The results list will include many ejournals not included in the catalog. However, there are a few in the catalog that are not in eJournals, so you may need to check both places. For off campus ejournal access, you may need to use your UAMS login to reach the journal site.

Print/paper journals
Use the catalog. Search by title using the exact first few words in order. Be sure to include words such as of, the, and, &. And and & may work differently so try both. If you are unsure of the first few words of the title, here are some other approaches:

  • If there is a word in the title that is fairly specific, such as pharmacotherapy, do a keyword search. This will show both print and e-journals. You can refine your search to Journals in the left sidebar or check the box in the frame beneath your search entry.
  •  Subject searches are also available.
  • Contact the Reference Desk.
    By phone – 501.686.6734
    By email – Online reference question form

Records for journals at the ACH Library and Regional Center Libraries are included in the UAMS library catalog and you can specify locations by using the Libraries menu from the basic search page or from the Advanced Search page.

Looking for a book?
For print (paper) use the catalog.  You can limit in Locations or Libraries for UAMS Books or a specific Regional Center Library. Search by title, author, subject or keyword.

Electronic books, use eBooks under Online Resources for lists by subject and title..

Physical Locations of Paper Books and Journals


Most books (monographs) are located on the 2nd floor of the Library, shelved in call number order. The UAMS Library uses the same call number system as the National Library of Medicine. Most call numbers will look like the one shown below.


Reference books are shelved on the 1st floor. The call numbers for these items will have the prefix REF. The online catalog will indicate the call number and location to assist in finding materials.


Journals with a publication date of 1966 to the present are shelved on the third floor. Journals published prior to 1966 are in off-site storage (see below).

Journals are shelved alphabetically by their titles. Some titles start with initials. One example is AJR. American Journal of Roentgenology. This would be shelved at the beginning of the “A” section. Many journals start with the word “Journal,” and that is part of the title. For example, Journal of Cancer Education is shelved under “J” and comes after any journals that have “A” or “B” words next in their titles, such as Journal of Bacteriology. All the journal shelves have alphabetic ranges denoted on the ends so you can find the row that will have the journals you are seeking.

The UAMS Library shelves using three-foot sections, alphabetizing left to right, top to bottom in each. (see diagram at bottom of page)

Requesting Journals in Print Older than 1966: off-site storage

Journals dated 1965 and older have been moved to storage in the UAMS Distribution Center (off-site storage). We offer next day delivery (Monday – Friday) of items that you request from our off-site storage facility.

If you turn in your completed request form to the Circulation Desk before 3PM Monday through Thursday or complete the online storage request form during this time period, the item(s) ordered will be available the following day. On Fridays, please expect delivery on Monday and requests made on Saturday or Sunday will be available on Tuesday. There is no delivery of item(s) on holidays or weekends. The material(s) will be held at the Circulation Desk for 48 hours, and if they are not picked up after this time, they will be returned to storage.

If you have any questions about this service please inquire at the Circulation Desk.

If the library does not have the journal or book you need, a fee-based InterLibrary Loan Service is available for UAMS faculty, students and staff. Please see the ILLiad page for more information.

Help and Reshelving

If you need any assistance locating materials, please feel free to ask for help at the Circulation desk. Books and journals should not be reshelved, but left on a nearby study desk. Library staff will do all the reshelving.


UAMS Library shelving Diagram