CINAHL Plus with Full-Text provides indexing for over 3,800 journals, over 750 of which are full text, in the fields of nursing, allied heath, biomedicine, complementary & alternative medicine, consumer health, and allied health disciplines from 1937 to present. In addition the database offers full text access to over 220/books/monographs, nursing dissertations, conference proceedings, standards of practice and more.

Searching CINAHL
Begin your search from the Advanced Search page. Enter your search terms, using keywords or CINAHL Headings.

Search History/Alerts
Directly below the search box is a link for Search History. This option allows you to view your recent search statements, and to combine multiple search statements using AND or OR.

CINAHL Plus Full Text Advanced Search Screenshot


Limits – apply after your search results
Select the Limits you want from the various categories that appear under Refine Search on the left column of the page. Below are a few of the categories with some examples:
Publication Types
–journal articles
–nursing interventions
–consumer/patient teaching materials
–research instrument

Age Groups
–fetus, conception to birth
–aged, 80 and over
Special Interest Category
–home health care
–advanced nursing practice
Nurse Author (see below)
–first author is nurse
–any author is nurse

Tip: Choose only a few limits from different categories at one time since the computer will AND them with your topic and results may decrease rapidly (sometimes to zero!). It’s easier to add another limit than take one away.

Full-Text Articles
Look for direct links to UAMS full-text, or go directly to the PDF file of the article.

Nurse Authors – Two methods to identify articles with a nurse author. Try both and see the different search results you might get.

One option is to under the limit your search results to a nurse author. Click the “Show More” link under “Limit To” heading to see these options:

There are two limiters of this variety:

First Author is Nurse – If this limiter is applied, then you will only retrieve records where it is confirmed that the first author of an article is a nurse, according to credentials noted in the article.

Any Author is Nurse – If this limiter is applied, then you will only retrieve records where at least one author is a nurse, according to the credentials noted in the article.

The written by a nurse limiter applies to records from 2009 and forward. Credentials include RN, BSN, MSN, or appropriate degree. As this limiter pertains to non-U.S. journals, the credentials include licensed nurse or appropriate nursing degree in the particular country.


any author is nurse_first author is nurse_screenshot


Another option is to use Field Searching as a part of your search strategy. Use the Advanced Search, truncate (nurs*) and change the “Select a Field” drop box to “AF Author Affiliation.” This may narrow the search to nursing authors.

CINAHL Plus Full Text use of author affiliation in search_screenshot


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Last page update: 10/24/2014