Frequently Asked Questions

How do I:

  1. Open/print Microsoft Office documents in Blackboard?
    For best results click on the link for the document and choose “Save.” Save the document on the desktop (files will be deleted after you have logged off) or on a USB flash/thumb drive.
    Once the document is open, click on the File Tab on the top left corner of the screen and scroll down to “Print”, then Click the Print button at the top of the center section.
    If your document will not open/save in Internet Explorer, try using the Firefox browser.
    For printable step-by-step directions with examples click here.
  2. Print PowerPoint slides 3 or 6 to a page?
    First of all, if the slideshow is in Blackboard, you must save it to the computer or a USB flash/thumb drive first.
    Open the slideshow then click on the File Tab on the top left corner of the screen and scroll down to “Print.”
    In the center section click on the box that says “Full Page Slides Print 1 slide per page” and from the handout section of the drop down menu choose the number of slides per page you wish to print. For best results click on the “Color” box and select “pure black and white.”
  3. Print a document in the library?
    You must have a print card; these are purchased at the circulation desk on the 1st floor. Prints are 10 ¢ per page for black and white prints and 20¢ per page for color. There is a minimum purchase of $1.00. In Internet Explorer or Firefox, click on “File” and scroll down to “Print.” In Microsoft Office click on the File Tab on the top left corner of the screen, then scroll down to print. In some areas you will need to choose your printer. CAUTION Microsoft Document/Image Writer is not a real printer. Once you have sent your document to the printer you will need to go to the GoPrint kiosk beside the printer you have chosen and follow the directions on the top of the machine.
  4. Reset my domain password?
    If your password has NOT expired you can change your password at any time by going to and clicking on the link titled “Reset Your UAMS Domain Password.”
    If your password has expired or you have forgotten your password you will need to call the IT Technical Support Help Desk at 686-8555.
  5. Access the Library Citrix server?
    You must have the Citrix ICA client or Xen-App plug-in installed on your computer and have a UAMS login account. Point your web browser to and enter your UAMS username and password. Once you are logged in Click on Citrix XenApp to access your applications. If you are accessing Citrix for the first time on that computer you will need to install the XenApp plugin. For step-by-step instructions go to:
  6. Access my USB flash/thumb drive?
    Plug-in your USB thumb/flash drive into one of the USB ports on the front of the computer and the computer will automatically recognize it. Go to “My Computer” and Click on “Removable Drive (E)” to access your files. If your thumb/flash drive is not listed under My Computer contact a library staff member for assistance.
  7. Access a webpage that is not working in Internet Explorer?
    Try Firefox. The shortcut looks like this: Firefox shortcut icon
    If you are still having problems after trying a different computer, please contact one of the library staff members immediately.
  8. Connect to the wireless network in the library?
    For printable step-by-step directions for accessing the UAMS Guest account open this document. For step-by-step instruction for accessing the UAMS account open this document
  9. Get programs for my mobile device?
    See our listing of mobile applications. If you have any questions about the programs contact Joanna Delavan at 526-6003. Most of these programs are available for download/installation from your device or home computer. If you would like assistance downloading and installing any programs bring your mobile device to the 5th floor LRC between 7:30 and 4:00 Monday – Friday and someone will assist you.
  10. How do I renew my library books, videos or CD-ROMs?
    Books – you can stop by the circulation desk on the 1st floor or call 686-5980. LRC items such as videos or CD-ROMs – stop by the LRC office on the 5th floor or call 686-6752. You can also renew all library materials online.
  11. Where can I find the online forms to request items or services from the Library?
    All of the online forms can be found here
  12. How do I access the after-hours area?
    Students and Residents can access the Library 24/7 with their ID badge from the first floor, northeast lobby of EDII.  See more.  For faculty after hours access