Citrix Access from the Access Gateway

  • To successfully run applications on the Citrix server you need two things
    1. Access to the internet with a web browser
    2. Your UAMS login account information
  • When using the Citrix Access Gateway you will open the the URL in your web browser and login with your UAMS username and password. After selecting the XenApp interface you will proceed to use the applications available. To see the how the login process should look open here.
  • Sometimes browser security options will block the applications from opening correctly, so make sure ALL pop-up blockers are turned off.
  • You will be able to use either Internet Explorer or FireFox to access your course materials. Simply point your browser to the Citrix web site and login using your UAMS login information. To see what the application windows and start up process looks like open here. To watch a tutorial on logging to Citrix and installing the client on a Windows computer open here.
  • There has been a problem with MAC laptops connecting on campus using the wireless access due to a proxy setting for the AirPort card. To change this so that applications work properly on the iBook or MACBook follow these instructions. To watch a tutorial on logging to Citrix and installing the client on a MAC click here
  • If you should have problems accessing the web site or cannot get an application to run, please contact Nick Larsen, Education/Technology Resource Specialist, (501) 526-6003,
  • If you need help with your login account (domain account) or with clinical resources on Citrix, please contact the Technical Support Center at 501-686-8555 or email