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And, in the end, there may be materials for which you will have to ask permission to use or to use repeatedly. You may or may not have to pay to use the material. Although the copyright holder has traditionally been the publisher, some authors have begun to retain the copyright of an article or chapter or for specific images, charts, graphics. You may need to do a little investigation to determine who holds the copyright.

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Permissions Quiz

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For which of the following reasons would you have to ask permission to use materials? [Mark all for which you would ask permission]
    a.I have a great article that I want to hand out to my class just like I did in the same course last semester and the semester before....
    b.I want to use a questionnaire developed by someone else. This is the first time I will use it with my class.
    c.I want to put a link in WebCT for a journal article in an online journal licensed by the Library
    d.I want to distribute four chapters of a six chapter book to all of my students. That way they won't have to spend their meager funds on this book.
    e.I want to show an entire videotape from the Library's collection to my class here on campus this year like I did last year.

    [mark all correct answers]

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