Identifying Exemptions Quizzes

Can you identify which exemptions you will probably be using with your course?


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Value: 1
You have a favorite article on the physiology of the heart and you would like to pass out a copy of the article to your students.

Which exemption will you be considering?

    a.Teaching exemption
    b.Fair Use
    c.Teach Act

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Value: 3
Match the items.
    1.Allows an instructor to provide a copy (print or digital) of a copyrighted work for enrolled students on limited basis     a.Teaching Exemption
    2.Allows distant students to have the access to the same copyrighted works that are shown to students in a classroom (except for dramatic performances)     b.Fair Use
    3.Allows an instructor in a face-to-face classroom setting to show virtually anything to the students     c.TEACH Act

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